Event Cities – Two realities at the same spacetime

“Wandering around the city, drifting without destination, neither going to work nor properly consuming, was a waste of time in the temporal economy, in a society where ‘time is money.’ If situationist testimony is to be believed, the drift could consume monumental chunks of time; Chtcheglov put the limit at three or four months, and recommended a week as more satisfactory. Deboard recommended a day, and even these smaller periods of time, with ‘an hour or two at the beginning and end of the day’ set aside ‘for taking care of banal tasks,’ would barely be compatible with a conventional sense of time management: The times of beginning and ending have no necessary relation to the solar day.’ …  (Simon Sadler, The Situationist City, 1999, London, p.93)

This argument is somehow related with how economic relations are and how they can be changed through the situationist position. In economic relations, it is meaned as the existing, economic, social, cultural bounds, that came through history. It seems like it is somehow a weak point in situationist position, if today’s conditions are to be considered. There can be an in between virtual field, that will help the shifting from existing social situations to new sort of relations based on events, and also backwards. Persons started to live in different dimensions in communication, and they form both local and even global virtual extensions that will help to inform and to be informed. This kind of a communication structure, will eventually bring a new kind of social structure, which will allow the specific “events” happening with the existing socio-economic relatons. In New Babylon, where people leave the necessities of life to machines, and create events in an upper city, forces people to live in one reality, only physicality. However, if people can be thought as the agents, whose role in the city is not changed, but their existence in certain locations will create the events. These events will both have the inputs from the existent economic-social structure, however has the ability to change it. So this approach will both accept the existent an new ones, in different realities, and combine them through people as they act like the agents that create both realities at the same time.


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