Final Presentation


physical model

physical model in 1/200 metric scale

particle emitter

organizing ideas

possible designs of the point cloud

lines between arbitrary points

a material study about how arbitrary points might be bounded – nearest points will be bounded with shorter lines, as longer spans might merge from their center points  

social networks

Social relationships have always been an important active force that shapes the urban life. Social relations have strong ties with the other entities of the urban life, economy, transportation, biology, and resources. In the non-linear formation of the cities, these entities help to evolve the societies and institutions. Starting from the individual and its physical … Continue reading

Event Cities – Two realities at the same spacetime

“Wandering around the city, drifting without destination, neither going to work nor properly consuming, was a waste of time in the temporal economy, in a society where ‘time is money.’ If situationist testimony is to be believed, the drift could consume monumental chunks of time; Chtcheglov put the limit at three or four months, and … Continue reading

Distinction of digital and virtual

*these writings may not make sense throughly as they are mostly notes of what I think at that moment The distinction between digital and virtual is a crucial point in order to understand how information is produced (recorded), transmitted and exchanged. Those three points, mentioned in Kwinter’s last book Requiem for the city at the … Continue reading

midterm presentation

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