Event Cities – Two realities at the same spacetime

“Wandering around the city, drifting without destination, neither going to work nor properly consuming, was a waste of time in the temporal economy, in a society where ‘time is money.’ If situationist testimony is to be believed, the drift could consume monumental chunks of time; Chtcheglov put the limit at three or four months, and … Continue reading

Aphorisms and Interesting Segments from The Situationist City by Simon Sadler

1. The situationists, who seem to have had difficulties getting on with “everyday” citizens, preferred to experiment on themselves, analyzing the factors affecting their mood, behavior, and choice of route as they wandered their “drift” (dérive) through the city. (20)  2. Situationists and Independents felt that indigenous living patterns were best nurtured through the “clustering” … Continue reading

everyday life

everyday life – instant/temporary the very first meeting of two people regular everyday happenings occur from the meetings inside city, when two people meet however these two people may not need to know each other in person from previous experience in fact – previous can rethought as what had been done right that moment  

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