• Enhanchements in information technologies and its relation with social structure, network formations and archiving starts to change the way people use the city. Being in a particular ‘place’ is a negotiable manner according to the future of the information technologies. Location and place are seperated and local information is gained from the aggregeration of events in a particular location. Formations of city elements are evolving in this social progress, however in order to support new social dynamics and give an acceleration to the evolution of city elements, city needs hybrid solutions. Being temporary will be a key situation as information flow increases the archival process and taxonomy will more tied to certain location and time. This temporary circumstance will lead to a situation of structures adopting themselves as intelligent entities that supports the information generation in certain location and time.
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Final Presentation


physical model

physical model in 1/200 metric scale


*taken from: http://urbanomnibus.net/2009/08/stackd/ ref to: http://stackd.biz/ Who says social networks make place irrelevant? Communication designer Sidney Blank begs to differ as he presents STACKD, a new site that helps people in Manhattan office buildings get in touch – for business or beers. In so doing, his project connects such themes as excess capacity, the spatial and local implications … Continue reading

particle emitter

organizing ideas

two quotations from bergson

“The universe is not made, but is being made continually. It is growing, perhaps indefinitely, by the addition of the new worlds.” “The role of like is to insert some indeterminacy into matter.” -Henri Bergson

Dialectic of site and nonsite and the possible responses

*part of this post is taken from the book Situation – edited by Claire Doherty – Cambridge – 2009 **picture is taken from http://www.diaart.org/sites/main/spiraljetty – (Robert Smithson, Spiral Jetty, 1970. Photo: George Steinmetz) First there is this table of Robert Smithson – Dialectic of site and nonsite //1972 Site  Open limits A series of points Outer coordinates … Continue reading

lines between arbitrary points

a material study about how arbitrary points might be bounded – nearest points will be bounded with shorter lines, as longer spans might merge from their center points  

local stories on exact spots

This app-website-webapp is something how ordinary local people post their stories, from their voice in the exact location. “…it places scientific method and political action in the hands of everyone with a phone line and a hard drive. Urbanism is simply no longer a specialist’s task.” (p.68) //Kwinter, Requiem for the city at the end … Continue reading

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